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Hydra Modern Piano, by Apostol Tnokovski

Posted in D. Produto, Mobiliario by Bruna Miskinis on 07/16/2010

I’m usually against modifications in classical instruments, but this piano is amazing!

The lines flow perfectly, even when the piano it’s open. Totally awesome!

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Woof!, by Design Positive

Posted in Sem categoria by lauraguidali on 04/13/2010

Mekong Red Dragon Rice, by Design Positive

Posted in D. Gráfico, Embalagem by lauraguidali on 04/13/2010

Arroz vietnamita com lindas ilustrações e que pode ser arrumando na prateleira  de uma maneira criativa e que chama atenção do usuário sem gritar.

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The Deli Garage Schokoleim, by Korefe

Posted in D. Gráfico, Embalagem by lauraguidali on 03/29/2010

Pasta de chocolate, deve ser estilo um Nutela sem avelã e mais líquido. Não conheço o contexto que a embalagem se encontra nem o público, mas achei a embalagem muito criativa :)

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Children’s Tea, by Sara Strand

Posted in D. Gráfico, Embalagem by lauraguidali on 03/29/2010

OH MY GOD! Embalagens pra criança são tudo. Eu sempre caia quando era criança. Caio até hoje.

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The RATP Bus Centre, by ECDM

Posted in Arquitetura by Bruna Miskinis on 01/19/2010

The RATP Bus Centre, by Emmanuel Combarel Dominic Marrec Architects (ECDM), it’s located in the suburbs of Paris. It accommodates 300 buses and 800 bus-drivers passes through the building every day.

The building it’s entirely covered with corner-rounded concrete, that gives the impression of the street just turning into a wall.

Organic Food, by Isabela Serta

Posted in D. Gráfico, Eco, Embalagem, Garrafas, Papel by lauraguidali on 12/20/2009

The idea of this project is to promote a more healthy food consumption and, concurrently, to also promote sustainable local agriculture, which involves methods that do not harm the environment, respect workers and animals, provide fair wages to farmers and support farming communities.

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Arla’s milk, by Nicklas Hellborg

Posted in D. Gráfico, Embalagem, Papel by lauraguidali on 12/15/2009

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Hitchcock Novel Set, by Sheldon Hui

Posted in D. Gráfico, Livros by lauraguidali on 12/15/2009

A book collection of novels that were made into movies by filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. Taking the idea that these novels were the original screenplays to the film, they were designed and packaged to imitate a movie script format.

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Miss Cordelia’s Coffee, by Perky Bros

Posted in D. Gráfico, Embalagem, Papel by lauraguidali on 12/15/2009

“A neighborhood grocery needed to refresh its visual identity to more accurately communicate its fresh & friendly brand. The design takes inspiration from the simple palettes of homespun goods & the elegance of a southern matriarch’s home.”

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Brew Nerds Coffee, by Mitre Agency

Posted in D. Gráfico, Embalagem by lauraguidali on 12/15/2009

“Partnering with Brew Nerds from their inception, Mitre created a lo-fi, dry witted and whimsical brand identity that appeals to people who are serious about coffee but don’t take themselves too seriously.”

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True Rum, by Zoo Studio

Posted in Chocolate, D. Gráfico, Embalagem by lauraguidali on 12/15/2009

“Concept and design of the packaging to promote the seal of quality True Rum. The pack contains coins made of chocolate and Caribbean rum by the chocolate artist Ramon Morató.”