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Ghost Stories, From Nendo

Posted in Arquitetura, Cadeiras, D. Produto, Interior, Mobiliario by Bruna Miskinis on 11/14/2009

An exhibition of new work by Japanese designers Nendo is on show at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. Each platform is surrounded by white, circular stickers with a diametre of five milimetres, intended to give the impression that the plinths are melting into the floor.


Xarxa Sofa, by Marti Guixé, for Danese

Posted in Cadeiras, Mobiliario by lauraguidali on 08/14/2009

Ridiculamente genial!

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Panels 02 /03 and Table, by OnSite Studio

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A Chair out of C,H,A,I and R, by Eric Ku

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Fácil de montar e de transportar. Trazer o design gráfico para a terceira dimensão não é algo que todos conseguem…  teria essa com certeza.