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Organic Food, by Isabela Serta

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The idea of this project is to promote a more healthy food consumption and, concurrently, to also promote sustainable local agriculture, which involves methods that do not harm the environment, respect workers and animals, provide fair wages to farmers and support farming communities.

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Michael Austin Winery, by Hatch Design

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Vinhos que contam histórias através de seus rótulos e que atraem a atenção dos consumidores nas pratileiras.


This Water, by Pearlfisher

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“Sales up 100% and 2008 Bronze Design Effectiveness Award winner” Parte da Innocent Drinks

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West Eleven, by ?

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“West Eleven Cocktails, created by leading mixologist Ben Reed are the first Real Cocktails Bottled. They are made with real fruit, the highest quality mixers and spirits, and contain no additives or preservatives.”

100% Soda, by BBDK

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“When approached by an independent beverage company to rebrand their line of 100% natural, carbonated juices, BBDK responded with a simple question. “Why not call it 100%?” It only makes sense. Graphically, we felt that nothing said pure better than clean graphics and a direct statement so we decided to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid). This direction also helps to differentiate these beverages from all of the other ‘natural’ soda options. And so another brand is born. Watch for it in your local grocery stores.”

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