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Organic Food, by Isabela Serta

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The idea of this project is to promote a more healthy food consumption and, concurrently, to also promote sustainable local agriculture, which involves methods that do not harm the environment, respect workers and animals, provide fair wages to farmers and support farming communities.

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SONEA Produces Energy From Noise

Posted in D. Produto, Eco, Energias Limpas, Protótipos by Bruna Miskinis on 09/12/2009

Making use of omnipresent but wasted potential energy sources is what the green movement is all about. The SONEA, designed by Jihoon Kim, Boyeon Kim, Myung-Suk Kim, and Da-Woon Chung, makes use of one of the most annoying, otherwise-useless forms of energy out there: noise. Think about how much noise there is when you walk out into a crowded city street at any given moment of the day. And it’s all for naught. Imagine if there was a reverse speaker of sorts that was able to capture all that wasted noise and store it as usable energy. The SONEA design uses a noise capturing surface paired with a sonic electric tranducer that converts the noise energy into electricity, which is then stored via an electric cell module. The device’s rating is 30 watts per 1 captured decibal.

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ShakEnergy Rechargeable Battery Concept

Posted in D. Produto, Eco, Energias Limpas by Bruna Miskinis on 09/12/2009

The folks from Mintpass have created an innovative ShakEnergy battery concept that uses a human element to maintain their charge. With five components inside that include a rechargeable nickel metal hydrate battery, a shaft, a coiled bobbin, a spring-loaded coil-magnet and a rubber shock-absorber, the ShakEnergy’s innovation is that all it needs is a vigorous shake to charge itself. The ShakEnergy battery has about half of the charge of a normal AA NiMH and can also be used with a normal charger. We’re craving for a set already, but so far, there’s no info concerning a release date.

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Light Drops, by Sang-Kyun Park

Posted in D. Produto, Eco, Energias Limpas by Bruna Miskinis on 09/11/2009

Rain power, baby.  The LightDrops umbrella transforms the potential energy of falling water into electrical energy by using a PDVF conductive membrane. This electrical energy then powers an array of LEDs, making the umbrella glow bright in the dark.  Designed by Sang-Kyun Park, the LightDrops Umbrella is both stylish and energy conscious, a symbol of all the power in the world that we can harness if we put our minds to it.  Beyond the symbolic, we have to admit– this umbrella looks nothing short of fresh.

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Panels 02 /03 and Table, by OnSite Studio

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A Chair out of C,H,A,I and R, by Eric Ku

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Fácil de montar e de transportar. Trazer o design gráfico para a terceira dimensão não é algo que todos conseguem…  teria essa com certeza.

Sacolas Eco for real

Posted in D. Produto, Eco, Embalagem by lauraguidali on 06/18/2009

O desafio era arranjar uma finalidade para a lona de outdoors que eram jogados no lixo. A vida util desse tipo de comunicação é muito curta , simplismente joga-lo no lixo é um disperdicio. A solução do studio Design HQ foi tranformar essas lonas em bolsas de compras, uma solução realmente ecologia, repensando a utilidade de um porduto e criando pra ele uma nova utilidade.